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It is imperative that any landscaping service begins with careful examination and analysis of the land to be modified. There are different types of land, and each topography requires modification in a different way. Here at P & M Driveways & Sons Ltd, we don’t just do what we think is right for your land, but what scientific principles propose that we do.

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If you look out of your home’s windows and see the land that has not yet reached its full potential, you may be considering what sort of landscaping can improve the appearance and function of your property. In order to make an informed decision about what services you might need from a landscaping company, you will first need to understand what functions the most common landscaping services can fulfill for you. Then, you will be able to determine what your property needs the most and which companies in your area specialize in that work. Landscaping is a general term for the improvement of both the aesthetics and function of your outdoor property, such as gardens and ponds. The types of features on your property, how they currently function, and what you envision will all impact which landscaping services you might need as well as how often you will need them.


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Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping services are ideal for beautifying business spaces. Our commercial landscaping experts can help you make your business space look more attractive to your customers and more welcoming for your employees. You can also improve your corporate image by maintaining green areas on your premises with our landscape maintenance services.

Residential Landscaping

Our residential landscaping experts combine aesthetics and functionality in their work. We take our time to understand your requirements and help bring your ideas to life. Our residential landscaping services cover front yard landscape design, backyard landscaping, and lawn landscaping as well. We can also provide you with landscape maintenance services that will keep your property’s green spaces in pristine condition.


Landscape Maintenance

Quality landscaping is an investment that you need to preserve. Our landscape maintenance services can help you keep your landscaped areas in perfect condition. Our team is familiar with the best practices in landscaping and equipped with all the right tools. With our help, you will never have to worry about your lawns and gardens. Our plant rental service makes landscape maintenance even simpler by lowering landscape maintenance.

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“Really polite and reliable. Very helpful and the work is precise.”

“Really polite and reliable. Very helpful and the work is precise.”

“I would highly recommend toms tree and landscaping as there work was of a very high standard.”